We practice a number of specialized energetic techniques to bring you into harmony on all levels. Experiencing a Reiki session or incorporating Reiki energy work into a massage can be a powerful way to bring harmony back into your life.

60 min. $145 | 90 min. $210 | 2 hrs. $275

Energy Sage

This is a combination of massage and energy work for the best of both worlds! Specially tailored massage tends to the needs of your physical body while Reiki energy is channeled supporting your energetic bodies.

60 min $135 | 90 min $190


This ancient art from Japan restores energetic flow, balance and harmony. Reiki is a spiritually-directed life force energy that can have a profound impact. This work heals on all physical and energetic levels.



60 min $155 | 90 min $225 | 2hrs $290

Reiki Hot Stone

In this signature treatment, Reiki infused hot stones create a powerful healing treatment that balances energy, promotes absolute relaxation and heals on a deeper more profound level. This is the ultimate experience!

60 min $135 | 90 min $190

Crystal/Gemstone Energy

Crystals and gemstones clear blockages and harmonize the body’s frequencies leaving you feeling renewed, recharged and relaxed, yet energized.