If you’re looking for the best Jackson Hole massage experience in the valley, you’ve come to the right place. Bliss Bodywork was created to support you in living your best life.

The Jackson lifestyle begs for massage and self care. We live here, we get it. We understand the toll that playing in Jackson takes on the body. We also know how to undo the physical stress of all the play. We work with everyone from the athlete to the weekend warrior to the stressed out mom. We offer a variety of skills and techniques to melt and free the body, mind and spirit.

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Energy Work
Body Treatments

Massage is an individual and personal experience and every person’s needs are respected and are top priority at Bliss Bodywork.

You have made the wise decision to honour your self by giving your body the care and respect it deserves. We are here to honour you in that decision and provide you with the care you need. You deserve the best and that’s what you’ll get in Bliss Bodywork.


Freedom from pain, freedom from restriction. Be free and live free.


Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, injury, soreness and stiffness from playing hard, or you are simply looking to relieve stress and relax, we are here to offer the experience that is perfect for you. Every treatment, every massage is as individual as the person receiving it. Each session is customized to meet your specific needs. With thousands of hours of education and experience, we have a long track record of helping people just like you!


Balance is key in living your best life. All things in nature are designed to be in perfect balance.


We offer an array of unique treatments to bring you back into balance. Elements from nature inspire and create balance within. Basalt river rocks are used in the Hot Stone treatments to bring the physical body into balance while coaxing the more subtle energetic bodies to work in balancing the whole. The life force essence of plants is used in aromatherapy to illicit balance on many different levels. Reflexology is the manipulation of pressure points on the hands and feet to create balance throughout the entire body.


Harmony is bringing the sum of the parts together to create internal calm. What does this mean? Tranquility.

“To be in perfect harmony in mind, body and spirit is the ultimate realization and expression of self.”

We practice a number of specialized energetic techniques to bring you into harmony on all levels. Experiencing a Reiki session or incorporating Reiki energy work into a massage can be a powerful way to bring harmony back into your life. The Crystal and Gemstone treatment was developed to harmonize your own energies and chakra centres. Take advantage of our very special gemstone/ essential oil elixirs and understand harmony in a whole new way. Bliss Bodywork is the home of the Reiki Hot Stone treatment, which is the quintessential expression of harmony. We can’t explain it, you just have to experience it.