60 min $200

Seaweed Wrap

Helps your body naturally detoxify while it re-mineralizes. Dry brushing stimulates movement of lymphatic fluid and sloughs off dead skin cells while heat from the wrap induces sweating which allows the body to purge toxins. Emerge feeling soft and rejuvenated.

60 min $200

Sea Salt Scrub

Handcrafted in house, our salt scrubs are created with the highest quality high mineral content sea salt and our proprietary organic essential oil blends. Relax while old, dead skin is whisked away revealing fresh, soft, nourished new skin!

30 min $95 | 60 min $180


Deep pressure dissolves crystalline deposits, moves energy blockages, affecting the corresponding body system.




Any of these may be added to your treatments to optimize your experience.

+ $15

Custom Aromatherapy

Essential oils chosen and blended specifically for you and your needs.

+ $20

Gemstone Elixir

Gemstone and essential oil infused elixir is a powerful enrichment to any experience.

+ $30

Sweet Feet Treat

Add a delicious foot scrub to any treatment for the ultimate in pampering.