Welcome, intro and first blog post. Yay!

Finally (you might say) I’m entering the first blog post! My intention for this blog is to disseminate all of the fabulous information that I discover about super foods, super nutrition, medicinal mushrooms, super herbs and overall super health, along with anything else that suits my and your fancy :)! I really want this to be an interactive forum so please post your comments, opinions and questions. I will do my best to answer any questions.

On to the goods….I’ve been ponderous about what subject to write about to christen the blog. I’ve finally decided on something that I’ve been playing with for about the last 3 years. It’s grounding. I feel that, more and more, grounding and grounding technology are going to be of great importance. I have been using and experimenting with grounding (or Earthing) technology for about 8 months. I sleep on a grounded sheet. While I haven’t noticed any radical differences, I still think I am doing myself a great service by concentrating on being connected to the Earth’s energetic field. I also ground myself outside by going barefoot, sitting or laying on the Earth herself, touching trees, etc to connect to the Earth.

We are inundated with EMF’s (electrical magnetic fields) 24/7 from myriad sources, everything from radio to cell phone to wi-fi and even electricity in our homes. An electrical outlet generates an electric field and if you sleep with your head near one it can affect your quality of sleep. By using things like computers or cell phones while plugged in you can be on the receiving end of up to 15 volts! The sources go on and on.

I feel it’s extremely important to get grounded as much as we can to purge these EMF’s from our bodies. I have started realizing how much I’ve been exposing myself to these fields and I’m becoming more vigilant about protecting myself. I’ve taken to unplugging everything at night and using anything electric only while unplugged (in other words, just on battery). I think it’s making a difference.

We live in a world where we are completely insulated from the Earth’s field. From the shoes we wear to the floors we walk on, it possible that, unless you go outside barefoot, you could never experience the grounding effects of being connected to our planet mother! It’s no wonder so many people are experiencing so many issues in this day and age.

Didja know…..

– that the Earth’s electromagnetic field has recently been “proven” scientifically to be one of the most effective anti-inflammatories known?

– that being connected to the Earth helps prevent sunburn?

– that being grounded can clear up a lot of physical maladies caused by EMF exposure?

– that being grounded can improve your sleep?

– that, while asphalt does not conduct the Earth’s energy, cement can?

Let me know what you think. And, as always, never take anything anyone says at face value. Always research. Use what resonates with you. This is how we find our own truth.

Here’s to a life of bliss!