Save Yourself! Fall blues


Well, it’s here again. We’ve had beautiful fall weather here in Jackson Hole, but that hasn’t seemed to stop it. It’s affected large parts of our community. It’s taking people down. I’m referring to the cold and flu virus that seems to sweep the country every autumn. It seems inevitable, unavoidable. Is there a way to keep it from hunting us down and taking away days or weeks of our lives? I believe there is a way…

The key is in keeping your immune system super strong. We regularly have all kinds of nasties in our system all the time, but our immune system is constantly fighting them and keeping them at bay. It’s when our system becomes over loaded and over taxed that it starts losing the battle, and we definitely feel the effects.

But, how to keep our immune system in tip top shape? A key factor is detoxifying the body. By removing toxic load you are essentially taking things off your immune system’s plate. By reducing it’s work load you’re allowing it to function optimally. Nutritional support is also key. The vast array of nutrients and especially antioxidants help you maintain a strong body and immune system. I like the rainbow and seasonal availability rules: eat the colours of the rainbow at every meal and eat the things that are in season.

How to detox, you might ask? Breathing is a great start. Most of us don’t breathe properly, believe it or not. Deep breathing is a great way to cleanse. Sweating is also a great way to detox. Sweating removes impurities from the body. Things like dry brushing, alternating hot and cold water while in the shower, and drinking tons of water are all easy ways to cleanse. For deeper cleaning and better health you can get a bit more crazy like juicing, colonics, and cleansing programs. An easier, less time consuming and involved way to detox is to combine a few of these methods to best effect. Our detox ritual is a great example of this. We’ve combined sweating, far infrared technology, herbal and seaweed properties, ion technology and manual massage techniques to provide you with the most effective detox program. Our rituals are designed to meet your busy schedule and your body’s needs. Flexibility is the name of the game here because no program is effective if you don’t do it. Our Fall Detox Rituals are available through November so check out the details at

Experiment, do your own research, and above all never take anything anyone says at face value. Always research. Use what resonates with you. This is how we find our own truth. Please “like” us on facebook – click here