When to Get Massage in Jackson Hole, Why Get Massage in Jackson Hole

I’m writing this post for all of my past, present and future massage clients who are visiting Jackson Hole, WY and are forever making the same mistake. People often ask me, “what do you hear most from your clients?” The response is undoubtedly one of two things, the pertinent one being: why didn’t I get a massage at the beginning of my trip?

This little article should put to rest this phenomenon so people don’t rue their decisions and regret waiting until the end of their trip to Jackson Hole to get a massage.

We know why you’re here. People make a trip to Jackson Hole for one thing: an action and adventure filled vacation.  Jackson is the home of the weekend warrior. Vacationers arrive daily to push it hard on the mountain for 4 days without having skied since their ski trip last year, to do a 15 mile hike at altitude on a 30 degree incline, both ways, when the longest hike they make is from the parking lot to the grocery store, to ride horses on an 8 day pack trip when they haven’t ridden since they were 12, you get the idea. I see it all the time. Let me pose this bit of advice to you: if you get a massage when you first arrive in Jackson Hole you are giving yourself a huge advantage that will affect your entire adventure here.

Let me explain. When you get a massage when you first arrive you are addressing the issues and chronic problem areas that plague you in your day to day life and are thereby beginning the healing process. You are also relieving any tension, stress and muscle stiffness from travel. Both of these will inhibit your performance in your eagerly anticipated activity. Muscle tension, “knots,” and shortness diminish your strength. Massage increases oxygenation of your cells which helps you to acclimate to Jackson’s high altitude. It enhances performance and endurance. Equally as important, a massage at the beginning of your trip decreases your chance of injury. It’s hard to imagine a bigger bummer than blowing out a knee on the first morning of your ski vacation. Most importantly, in my opinion ;), I believe I hear this from my clients because they realize that they want to come back to me for another treatment, but can’t because they’re flying home in the morning. I hear this time and time again. I understand that you probably would never have thought that you’d find a life changing therapy session on your trip to Jackson Hole, but I tell you – it happens.

Don’t be the majority of people who wait until the last day or two of their vacation to receive their massage and pine forever more for another session. Save yourself a world of hurt and get a massage first and then after you’ve played hard and are sore. I promise, you’ll thank me for it!

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